Blogging a Baby: Night waking - mystery solved

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Last week I wrote about my son Quin and his frequent night waking over the past few weeks. Over the weekend he developed a cold with nasty, croupy cough. We figured that may have had something to do with his funky sleep patterns of late. Until this morning. I did my routine gum check in his mouth for any signs of new teeth and surprise! Tiny, sharp points were sprouting through his lower gums. He's cutting his first tooth. We paid a visit to his pediatrician last week and Quin had no signs of teeth coming anytime soon. While drooling, his gums were hard as rocks. I should have known. Big brother, Nolan, got his first tooth at nine months after suddenly weaning himself from nursing one weekend...and no apparent signs of teething. Sure enough, one week later he had his first tooth.

So we're chalking up the night waking to the case of sneaky teeth. The mystery is solved...but not resolved. He's still waking up alot. Once the cold has passed and the tooth is arrived in its full glory, we'll see if his sleep schedule truly changes.

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