Olympic skiier announces pregnancy, retires

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italian olympic skiier isolde kostner with new
standout elena fanchiniItalian alpine skiier Isolde Kostner, at age 30, was one of the country's greatest hopes for Olympic gold in Torino. But today she announced her retirement from the sport. The timing may be a little sudden, but she has a good reason: she's pregnant.

Kostner admits she knows some (read: Italian Olympics organizers bent on capturing as many medals as possble) will think this is bad timing, but what are you going to do? "My career ends here. My next great challenge won't be chasing a gold medal but becoming a mother," she said.

Although some athletes have competed while pregnant, with Alpine skiing, it's not really an option (skiing is on the hitlist of activities-most-often-banned-during-pregnancy). I'm sure Kostner will be rooting for her team from a safe spot on the sidelines.


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