Tagless underwear: My son never leaves home without them

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UnderwearMy son is a freak. We bought him a boatload of new underwear for Christmas. Oh, stop it - he got his fair share of fun gifts, trust me. Besides, this is one kid who's actually delighted when you get him new underwear, especially if the pairs sport Batman and Spider-Man. The only thing is, we've had to make a slight, um, modification%uFFFD to all of his new underwear: the tags. He hates them. He claims they're "itchy". Nearly every item of clothing he owns is tagless by now.%uFFFD And let me tell you, clothing manufacturers don't make it easy to remove 'em like they did in the good ol' days. Underwear producers in particular seem obsessed about designing the tag in a way that removing it nearly requires mutilating your purchase; we've had to remove most of them with surgical precision using a box knife.

Does anyone else have kids who are obsessive like this about tags? Or am I the unfortunate loner?

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