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truman took his brothers hot dogNow that my youngest son is eight-and-a-half months, I'm starting to get impatient. I want him to start playing with his big brother and give me little peace already! But, coincidentally, three-and-a-half seems to be an age that carries a lot of need for having mom - and his toys - to himself. Or maybe it's just Everett?

Today I've been hanging out in Everett's room with the two of them, and I've been spending a lot of time negotiating. "Everett, can you please let Truman play with just one of your pieces of toy food?" I'll ask (with the emphatic "no" as a response). "Well, then, Truman, why don't you play with all these great baby toys!" I'll say, pulling Truman away from the oh-so-precious toy kitchen. "Truman, please put down your brother's hot dog!"

I've been minorly successful in getting them to play "together." Everett will throw a ball to Truman and giggle uproariously when he crawls after it (unless, that is, the ball has been designated as "special" for the moment). And the physical play is hilarious, although it devolves quickly into terror (Everett most likes to tickle Truman by shaking his head on his tummy, a lot funny and a little frightening).

When do siblings start playing together? I vaguely remember friends telling me that their boys started playing together when the youngest was 18 months... and that's a long way off. I'm eager for Everett to let go of his possessiveness and Truman to stop having to put everything in his mouth. I'm eager for them to enjoy each others' company with fewer mediations from mama. I'm very much looking forward to the brothers' relationship changing from abstract and silly to tangible and fun. Any thoughts on when that will happen?

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