Labor Fears: Pooping during childbirth

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I was reading the latest issue of Fit Pregnancy in the pediatricians office today and they had an article about labor fears. I wish I could link it up for you, but I got so distracted reading about pooping fears that I forgot to take notice of the title. Every woman that has ever been pregnant that I have talked to said that they feared "going #2" in front of everyone. It's a normal fear, but at the same time, there are lots of other things going on.  Like the birth of a baby.

What people who have never had a baby need to know is that pushing out a baby is exactly the same as pushing out the biggest BM of your life. You are using all the same muscles to bear down on the baby.  It makes sense that other, uh,  stuff (besides a baby) is going to work its way out of your body. I have to admit that I didn't think about this at all when I was pregnant with my first girlie.  I have a nurse friend who calmly said, "It happens. It will be cleaned up within seconds. No one will ever make mention of it." I guess that was enough to put my mind at ease. Don't really recall what I was thinking while giving birth to my second daughter.  Oh yeah, I was thinking "Nine pounds feel a lot different than seven pounds! If I am ever pregnant again, give me drugs!" So to those that are pregnant: are you worried about public crapping or do you not care? If you are worried, let me reassure you that once you see your babe, a little poo will be a distant memory, right quick.

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