Learning to 'read': little Mr. Know-it-all

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the book everett calls
dinosaur battleNow that Everett's learned the alphabet song (age: 3 yrs, 2 mos) and how to spell his name (age: 3 yrs, 4 mos), he's starting to sort-of-pretend-to start reading. His brand of reading, naturally, is mostly memorization and creativity. For instance, he can "read" the titles of all 11 of his Berenstain Bears books (that's right, I said 11 books. I told you I had a lot). "Berenstain Bears and Too Much Party!" he'll say, proudly. "Berenstain Bears and Mama's New Job."

Didn't I say something about creativity? Yeah. Last night he picked out a couple of old Sandra Boynton books I found at a thrift store (I think these were pre-her books appearing on everybody's Best Board Books lists). "This one's called "Dinosaur Battle," he says, holding up Horns and Toes and In Between. "Can you read it?"

I try. "Horns-and-toes," I say, really fast, turning the page. "NOOOOoo!" he says. "Go back! It's called, Dinosaur BATTLE!"

everett reading his book*Sigh* My low-level obsessive compulsiveness kicks in, wanting to insist that the title is, indeed, Horns and Toes. But I'm the mom. I need to just let go and let this kid learn to read his own way. "Dinosaur Battle," I say, flipping the page and asking him to point to the word for "hand."

That was last night. Just now, he read all the way through the book, on his own. "Back, tail, tummy, belly button!" he said, pointing to each word. "Take a picture of THIS page!"

But he still insists it's called "Dinosaur Battle." Maybe it's time to stop letting him watch those Discovery Channel natural history shows with his daddy...


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