Mom-in-Chief: If you were president, would you make your kids' food?

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geena eating, with pretty flowersLast night I was watching ABC's Commander-in-Chief. In the opening scene, our fictional first lady was in the residence, getting her family ready for the day. She was popping up the toaster oven and taking out grilled cheese? toast? for her youngest daughter, which she slid on the table as she talked about the possibility of running for re-election in the next cycle.

I couldn't hear the dialogue, because my mind was blown. Here she is, the first female president ever, and she's cooking for her family!?! I mean, sure, it's just toast, but if I was president, I just know that I wouldn't have time for that. I mean, I barely have time to make toast for myself now, and I'm just as blogger. And for what the heck else do you have a team of chefs at the ready? Isn't it a waste of taxpayer time & money for you to be cooking?

If you were president, would you cook for your family? And sure, you'd cook a nice meal during vacation, or maybe Sunday dinner, if there were no major congressional scandals or pending acts of war. But everyday: to toast, or not to toast?

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