Best of Blog Awards: Mommy blog finalists announced

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mom blogFinally, the finalists! The BOB mom blog finalists were announced yesterday. Over 300 people commented to nominate their favorite mom blog reads. This is a category near and dear to my heart since, well, I am a mommy blogger.

There are so many mothers out there blogging their daily parenting experiences. For some it's a way to connect with the outside world. For some it's a virutal baby book. Others need a place to share their art, or to vent. These mothers pour their hearts and souls into their blogs. I admire them for their frankness, their humor, and for sharing their lives with their readers.

I work with some of these mamas at Blogging Baby. You read them every day: Sarah, Melissa (last year's winner!), Karen, and Charlene. Some I've stumbled across while blog-skipping and they make me smile on a daily basis. For example, Morphing Into Mama and State of Grace/I'm Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare are two blogs that make me want to stand up and shout, "Right on, mama!", these two have so much moxie. Dasbecca is compelling and beautiful. I am just getting to know the others. [cont]

So grab a cuppa and cozy up to the computer. Check out the blogs and then vote for your favorite:

Morphing Into Mama

Suburban Turmoil

I am Dr. Laura’s Worst Nightmare


Friday Playdate

One Good Thing

Big Yellow House

Daring Young Mom

What was I THINKING?
Fashionable Chaos

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