Dwell Baby's New Line of Crib Sets

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From our Tipline:  Dwell Baby, a line by Dwell House Furnishings, has recently introduced a new line of crib bedding.  The four available patterns -- Animals, Garden, Alphabet, and Carousel -- are admittedly very beautiful, and come in tasteful neutral colours, so they'll likely not clash with anything else in your kid's bedroom.  That said, they're also not cheap:  at US$ 340 per crib set (including blanket, bumper, skirt & sheet), it's a bit out of my price range, but hey -- maybe you've got bank like that?  If that's too rich for your blood, you could always up for the stroller blanket instead -- at US$45, it's much more in line with my budget!

Available at Tutti Bella, who ship internationally.

Thanks to Daddy*drama for the tip.


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