Eminem gets permit to remarry ex-wife Kim

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In early December we brought you the news that Detroit rapper Eminem was reconciling with his wife.  Now Reuters is reporting that Marshall and Kim Mathers officially applied for another marriage license in Macomb County, just north of Detroit on Monday. The news agency spoke with an official in the Macomb County clerk's office who confirmed this on Thursday.

The $20 marriage license is good for 30 days, so the clock is ticking for the two to speak their vows and get married again. Some reports indicate that the wedding will be tomorrow in Warren, Michigan, one of Detroit's inner-ring suburbs just north of 8-Mile road. With Eminem's career currently on hold, here's to hoping that things go smoothly and Kim is a different sort of muse now than she's been in the past. The couple already have one daughter together .

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