Family activity yearbook spices up your year together

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family activity yearbook
Since we're on the topic of scrapbooking, how about a version that looks forward, rather than looking back? I've fallen in love with Angry Chicken's lovely 2006 Family Activity Book idea. As she describes her beautiful concept, it's kind of an anti-resolution book. Each of her family members pick out one new activity to do each month - nothing difficult, she says. She will "buy fresh flowers" in one month and "write a song" in another.

cover of the family activity yearbookHer husband has plans to "go to a new park" and "eat somewhere weird." Amy explains, "Then we put one activity in an envelope on a page labeled for that month... and then when the year is though, we take them out and glue them to the year-end page (with photos and souvenirs where applicable) then fill out new ones for the next year."

It sounds like a wonderful way to scrapbook into the future. At the end of the year, maybe you could scan in your annual page and print out copies to send to your friends and family! It's a plan and a restrospective all at once. Even better: labels, envelopes, office supplies. Amy's a genius.


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