Make-your-own oral rehydration solution! (i.e. pedia-lyte)

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tropical punch kool aid
makes it betterIf the families of our bloggers are any indication, it's flu season! As part of the festivities, our babies are drinking lots of oral rehydration solution, sometimes known as Pedialyte or one of its various generic names.

When Charlie was diagnosed with rotavirus, mom and dad did what any budget-conscious, net-savvy family would do: they Googled homemade Pedialyte. And they discovered that you can make your own with one teaspoon of salt, eight teaspoons of sugar, and one liter of drinkable water.

Naturally, that tastes terrible. Charlie wouldn't drink it. But his smart papa deconstructed Gerber's Liquilytes, added three teaspoons of Splenda and a packet of unsweetened fruit punch Kool-aid, and voila! quaffable homemade oral rehydration solution.

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