SkyMall's Pool Alarm with Wristband

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The trip from Trinidad to Houston was about 6 hours long; so therefore, at one point during the flight, I was drawn to flip through the SkyMall catalog it seems every airline now has in its seat pockets.  Some of the items that catalog has are really cool (the Hammacher Shlemmer car seat/stroller being one of them), but some of them are really ridiculous.  And then others...

...others I can't quite figure out.  Take, for example, this pool alarm with wristband.  For US$ 219.95 (more for extra wristbands), little device straps on your little one's wrist, and if she were to fall into the pool, the turtle wristband instantly detects immersion and sounds a shrill alarm at the Base Station located in your house (or 100 feet from the pool).   At first glance, this little gadget looks great -- I mean, let's face it, kids can get away from even the most vigilant caregiver, and those  tykes can be quick.  However, there's a part of me that wonders if this device allows parents to abdicate part of their duty to keep a close eye on the kid ("Let's go inside for a drink ... we'll hear if they fall in"). 

What do you think -- would you buy this gadget?

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