Animal Tales stamps available in the U.S., but no Paddington Bear

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animal tales stamps in the u.s.
I was loving the Royal Mail's Animal Tales stamp series so much, I joked that I wanted to move to London. Well, thanks to Suburban Misfit for pointing out that I only have to move my behind to my nearest post office.

Sadly, though, no Paddington Bear (who's totally my favorite). The only characters in common between the U.S. and Britain are Maisy and the Hungry Caterpillar. Here, we have Wilbur (the pig from Charlotte's Web), Fox in Socks from Dr. Seuss, the Wild Thing from Maurice Sendak, Curious George, Olivia the pig, and Frederick the mouse.

I have to say that I like the British version better (sorry USPS). More white space. More ... I don't know. Inimitable British style. Ahh, well, maybe I'll get a postcard from one of my London fans. [hint hint]

And who knew the first class rate was up to 39 cents? Not me. Whoops. I'll be receiving some bill payments back in the mail tomorrow.


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