Maternity wear on the red carpet

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rachel weisz on the golden globe red carpet 2006I've already raved over Gwyneth Paltrow's gorgeous Balenciaga maternity dress, but she wasn't the only pregnant celebrity on the red carpet last night! How about Rachel Weisz with the hot gold crinkled silk number? I love how it accentuates her second-trimester belly. I could do without the little pouf sticking up over her cleavage though.

Also appearing on the red carpet: a woman who was with Sandra Oh, displaying a lovely eight months? nine months? pregnant belly with a cute brown A-line number. I still can't figure out who she is (and Oh is married, to a man, so it's not Oh's romantic interest). Anyone know? Update: it's her sister Grace! Thanks guys.

Which was your favorite maternity wear at last night's Golden Globes?

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