Link between lice shampoos and childhood leukemia

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My name is Melissa and my goal in writing for Blogging Baby is bring you all the head lice news you can handle. Maybe even more than you can handle!

A new study has found a possible link between household insecticides and childhood leukemia. Use of insecticidal shampoos doubled the risk of developing the disease, according to the study.

Oh, you mean like the lice shampoo I slathered on my daughter's head not once but twice in my own epic battle against head lice? Great!

Critics bring up the following points about this study. It's too small and relied heavily on parental recall which is often unreliable.  Ken Campbell of the Leukemia Research Fund says, "There are mixed reports [about the link between leukemia and insecticide use] and the problem is that the ones which make the link get the publicity."

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