Turning a dirty diaper into a piece of art

It's frightening when you think about how many diapers you change before your child is potty trained. Besides the sheer volume of stank, you're dealing with the inevitable power struggles on the changing table and the occasional flying pee. And sometimes, this changing diapers thing gets, well, a little boring. Tipster Cameron sent us a link to the blog WebGoonies, where you can spice up your routine by learning how to make yourself some diaper origami. That's right - turn those nasty diapers into art.

WebGoonies dad Kevin shows off four techniques he's created in his son, Rylan's, first three months of life. There's the "Small Package," "Snow Cone," and the "Spaceship/Boomerang." My personal favorite is called "Throwing Knife," which Kevin writes has been "used for centuries now as a throwing knife to combat offending armies. It is not a fluke that diapers prepared like this caused bodily harm." 

Since Rylan's still a wee babe, we'll expect more to come from the WebGoonie diaper origami design center.


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