Ask Blogging Baby: do you wake a sleeping pooper?

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everett sleepsEverett is potty training, and things are going really well (finally!). But, we continue to have trouble with the poop aspect of our potty life. Thank goodness, he's no longer holding his poops for (literally) 10 days because he doesn't want to sit on the potty. Now? He chooses to wait until bedtime, say every third or fourth day, and poops in his diaper shortly before falling asleep.

I'll go up to tuck him in, and the smell will hit me before I even get to the top of the stairs. Sometimes, he'll stay awake - that poop isn't exactly the most comfortable feeling. Other times, I'll stand over him, wishing that the poop would just disappear suddenly, knowing how badly he needs to stay asleep. I'll reluctantly go fetch wipes and fresh diaper, finally waking him up for the change. I just can't leave him.

We've talked about this with babies. I think with three- and four-year-olds, it's a no-brainer - that would be one heck of a diaper rash in the morning (not to mention a toxic bedroom). But with those difficult bedtimes, it's a whole new dilemma. Is there a new book after the diaper change? And more importantly, is he ever going to just poop in the potty without fear?

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