Group to sue Nickelodeon, Kellogg to stop junk food advertising

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Talk about a Quixotic quest. The Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood have served notice of their intent to sue both Nickelodeon Networks and Kellogg Co. in an attempt to stop the companies from marketing what they regard as unhealthful food to America's children. Nickelodeon claims it's innocent, saying that it promotes healthful eating and exercise in kids daily. (Carrots, anyone?) But CSPI says BS, claiming that it's analyzed weekday and Saturday morning advertising and found the majority of products advertised to be crap.

The Center for Consumer Freedom opposes the lawsuit , saying that the lawsuit rests on three flawed assumptions: that parents can't turn off the TV, that parents can't control what their kids eat, and that parents can't send their children outside to get some exercise. That's a little disingenuous. If Nick and other stations were constantly broadcasting commercials and content that were attempting to sexualize kids, parents would be in an uproar and would have a right to complain. Why shouldn't parents be concerned if the majority of food advertising pushes junk? It's a matter of cultural values. Mind you, I think a billion-dollar lawsuit is itself a symptom of our broken culture. But that doesn't mean that CSPI doesn't have a point.

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