Laptops and the Jay Jay game: like mother, like son

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I know, I've ranted about how I didn't want my kids playing video games for as long as I can hold out. It's one of my "I never's." But I mean, umm, Sega and Xbox and Nintendo and all that! Really.

Because I bought Everett a Jay Jay the Jet Plane computer game ages ago. And then I conveniently couldn't find it. Until his daddy got his own laptop and we had more than one high-functioning computer in the household.

So this weekend, Everett got to play on Daddy's make-um-puter (he still calls computers that, which I love). He sat there with his beverage and his snack and his laptop looking just like mommy. At one point, he even told Truman (who was clamboring to see what big brother was doing), "Truman, get away. I am working!" Like mother, like son.

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