Help me shop: which Diapee/Wipee pattern should I buy?

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diapees wipees lil cowpokesI write about a lot of hip retro-styled new products here on Blogging Baby, and many of them are drool-worthy and highly desirable. This one, though, actually has me ready to click the "purchase" button. Diapees and Wipees is really simple; it's basically a cloth envelope meant to hold a few diapers and a travel-sized wipes box. But what it does is far more practical than the silly name (oh, how I hate cute spellings, but I'll let it go this once): keeps your diapers from getting munched, crunched and wadded in your bag.

diapees wipees blue zoo animalsI don't use diaper bags anymore, and have a variety of tote bags - even a stylish camera bag - that have to do diaper duty. I'm no stranger to unattractively mushed and stained diapers (coffee stains anyone?). This might just do the trick.

Like I said, I'm ready to click the "purchase" button. But which would you pick: The Lil' Cowpokes or Blue Zoo Animals? Help! I'm stuck in an abyss of indecision.

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