Tuesday night friends and family dinner

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We love having people over to our house. After my daughter was born seven years ago, our entertaining became one of the ways to hold onto our former pre-kid life of nearly constant socializing. We couldn't go to happy hour anymore, but we could have happy hour at our house.

After a while we started to feel self conscious about our small house and the unfinished projects we have and the lack of income to finish all those projects. But we missed having our house full of people, so we've started to have big, loud, messy dinner with friends and their kids a few times a month at our house.

When I read about the 'Tuesday Night Friends and Family Dinner' idea at Metal Meredith it piqued my interest. I think the idea is so valuable to so many families, we're all so busy with the demands of not only our own but our kids varied interests, this is a great way to socialize in a low pressure way.

Since our extended family is a little disjointed and disconnected, having a group of friends we can casually eat and drink with has been great for my kids. Also I hate cleaning the house, so the only way to get my house clean is to invite people who don't normally live with my dust. I'm only mulling right now, but I'm thinking about starting a Tuesday pasta night. Maybe you should stop by.

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