Blogging Baby Size Six: Products I can't live without

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As a busy mom of two young girls, I am all about products that make my life easier. Here are six that are essential to helping me get through my day:

  1. Snack-Trap: This is a little cup which holds small treats (Cheerios, goldfish, etc.). It has a perforated top which allows little hands to reach in to grab a snack, but prevents spilling. My toddler is always on the go, so when she is ready for a snack, I fill the Snack-Trap and hand it to her. I don't worry about her walking all over the house or park with her snack because they won't spill.
  2. Travel-packs of Wet-Ones wipes: I use these for everything from wiping down shopping carts to cleaning up at restaurants. We keep them everywhere: purse, diaper bag, car, and stroller.
  3. Bumkins bibs: They are made out of tough, waterproof material that stands up to being thrown in the washer and dryer. They come in smock and long-sleeved styles: extra coverage for messy eaters.
  4. California Baby Calming Shampoo and Bodywash: I am all about the double-duty products. This no-tears soap is gentle, and doesn't contain sodium laurel or laureth sulfates.
  5. IKEA plastic plates: They are durable, colorful, and hold just the right amount of food for little eaters. Best of all, a 6-pack costs $1.49.
  6. Baby Blanket Sun Screen Stick: This sunscreen stick has a 45 SPF, the highest I could find. It's also waterproof, sensitive skin-formulated, and PABA-free. I like that the non-runny stick makes it easy to cover cheeks, noses, and ears. We stash these everywhere.

How about you?  What are some products that you find handy? Please share! (...and don't forget to activate your comments.)

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