Disposable vs. cloth diaper debate rages in Britain

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Cloth diapersSucks to be you, Great Britain. You blokes appear to be entering the throes of a debate we parents in the states have been having - uselessly, I might add - for years: whether to put disposable or cloth diapers on your precious baby's behind. It seems that "environmentally conscious" thing is spreading east of the Atlantic Ocean, prompting some parents to give up the convenience of disposables for the perceived save-the-Earth benefits of cloth. As usual in Europe, the government provides a little extra incentive to make the socially responsible choice: in the London Bureau of Camden, parents can receive a 51 pound/month stipend to offset the cost of external laundering. Even so, the article says, there are a fraction of cloth acolytes compared to disposable apostates, and disciples of the cloth have an uphill battle in convincing their friends to accept cloth nappies as their Lord and savior.


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