School nurses a thing of the past?

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School nurseRemember the school nurse? I sure do. For most of middle school I was in her office at least twice a week, attempting to dream up a new excuse to get my ass sent home for the day. (The classes were fine; it was the other kidsin the classes who didn't sit well with me.) If I were a student today - and, for some bizarre reason, I seem to repeat 7th grade in my dreams at least once a week - I'd probably be trying to con the principal and his assistants. reports that in most cases, the "school nurse" has gone the way of "duck and cover" drills. In many cases, a single nurse travels a half-dozen or more schools, seeing students and training administrators in what do should a kid, oh, you know, go into anaphylactic shock or something. This means diabetic kids like Katie Assael have to have a parent within minutes of the school at all times - since if Katie needs to have an insulin shot, a parent must administer it, as no one else at the school is legally allowed to give it to her.

This can't be the plan. Tell me this is NOT the plan.

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