Baby bathtime in the laundry basket

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When you have a small house, purchasing baby gear only means one thing: less space. Our shoebox has one bathroom, which means we have to share tub space with the our two boys. Quinlan, now eight months old, has outgrown his Safer Bather pillow so we needed to decide on his next tub (and by the way, the Safer Bather was awesome.) When Nolan was a wee pup, we used the inflatable Snug Tub. It was fun for him to have his own little padded tub, but good lord - the thing was HUGE. We'd hang it on a shower hook when it wasn't in use but it would be right up in my face when I took a shower. And it would always slip off the hook. Never again.

This time round, we remembered a tip from a friend - use a plastic laundry basket. We tried it last night with a smaller square basket and Quin loved it. He could sit up easily and and splash around the water that was flowing through the openings. He wedged his feet into the corners somehow so he didn't slip, and it was really easy to bathe him. Actually, Nolan got a kick out of it so when Quin was done with his bath Nolan wanted to play in the tub basket - or what he now dubs the pirate ship. The best part? We took it out of the tub, wiped it dry in a few minutes and used it for laundry. And the boys also played with it in the living room. Multi-purpose products - love. it.

I'm sure others have used this tip before, but I certainly wish I had heard about it sooner!

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