Blogging Baby Size Six: Baby products I thought I needed but didn't

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When we were pregnant with our first daughter, our purchasing bible was Baby Bargains. No way were we going to get suckered into buying things like wipes warmers and baby knee pads. Even though we tried our hardest to make informed purchases, we still made a few mistakes. By request, as a follow-up to my recent post on baby products I can't live without, here are six products that I was led to believe were absolutely essential, but turned out to be a waste of money:

  1. A huge, hulking travel system: If we had known better, we would have saved our money and spent it on a convertible carseat, a lightweight, umbrella stroller, and just slung the baby instead. Yes, being able to remove a sleeping baby in her or his carseat is nice, but my giganta-babes outgrew their infant carriers at 4 months old. And the travel system stroller weighed almost 30 pounds. Not what you want to lifting and lugging with a wiggly baby to contend with.
  2. A baby bathtub: We we given one but we never used it. We ended up using the kitchen sink and then moving the baby to the bathtub when she outgrew the sink. We used a good, non-skid mat in the tub and that kept her fairly secure.
  3. Related to the above, a tub seat: These things should be banned. They are flimsy and unsafe. All it did was pinch my child's chubby thighs when I tried to remove her. And it didn't allow me to wash underneath her very easily (which is essential). What was I thinking?
  4. A high-chair: We bought a used high chair for our first daughter and we used it until I realized how much room it took up and what a pain in the ass it was to clean. With my younger daughter we use a portable booster seat mounted on a chair. It's easy to clean and doesn't take up a lot of space. And, $100 v. $15. Gah! Shoulda been a no brainer, right?
  5. Corner protectors: They fall off. Everyone knows they fall off. They just. don't. stay. on. And yet, we bought them anyway.
  6. Nursing shirts: What is the point really? Seriously, they are more trouble than they are worth. I want my money back.

How about you? What are some products you had to have, but didn't need? Please do tell! ...and don't forget to take that extra step and activate your comments via email.

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