Blogger launches anti-physical punishment campaign

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SpankOut Day USAPanthergirl, who has blogged for what seems like a dog's age over at The Dog's Breakfast, has launched a new blog devoted to making physical punishment of kids illegal in the United States. Panthergirl justifies her position in one of her latest posts: "We've outlawed it in most (not all) schools. We have to stop letting parents use their own (often fatally flawed) judgment when deciding where discipline ends and abuse begins." On top of trying to get Oprah Winfrey to pay attention to this issue, she's also promoting Spank-Out Day USA on April 30th.

Personally, I'm all for this. I can understand why some parents think they need to resort to physical abuse to keep their kids in line. But there is no objective situation I've ever seen that demands its use. In the end, physical punishment is an ineffective means of dealing with a developing rational being. Allowing it in any way, shape or form can only lead to more severe abuse as a child's "transgressions" grow more severe. Kudos to PG for her efforts - here's hoping they take off in a big way.

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