Dad (wrongly?) slugs teaching assistant after teen alleges molestation

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In Buddhism, it's taught that you should always keep your anger in check, for reacting in anger does nothing but perpetuate the negative karmic cycles of hate and violence. On top of that, sometimes it can land you in jail. That seems to be the case for Dave F. Swafford, the father of a 15-year-old girl who attends Lakewood Ranch High School in Bradenton, Florida. The girl told her dad that a teacher's assistant had touched her sexually. The dad did what any rational man would do: he marched into school and punched the poor assistant in the face.

Why do I say "the poor assistant"? Because a surveilliance camera in the class revealed that the supposed incident never happened when the girl said it did. Police concluded that the girl told a tattle to get revenge on the TA for punishing her, and Swafford now faces assault charges for letting his fist fly.

Swafford says he stands by his daughter, even though the police say there is no evidence to back up any allegations against the assistant outside of his daughter's word. I totally understand Swafford taking her on faith. Although I can rattle off the number of times my own teenager told us, "Come on, if I was lying about X, blah blah blah" - and it turned out she was lying worse than a cheap rug. Wen you get mired in a lie, it can seem less embarrassing to stand your ground than to backpedal. But charging into the school and going all Judge Dredd on this person? Let's hope this is an example other parents do NOT choose to emulate.

Unfortunately, a local radio station dubbed Swafford "Father of the Year", and gave his fam tickets to the Daytona 500. Way to encourage ahimsa, folks. If I were a teacher or teacher's assistant, I'd start wearing body armor.

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