Fathers 4 Justice will be "household name" in US, says coordinator

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Fathers 4 JusticeFathers 4 Justice, the father's rights organization in Britain that's become (in)famous for dads protesting in superhero costumes and for flinging purple powder at Tony Blair, has officially thrown in the towel in the UK. The group was thrown for a loop after accusations that some of its members plotted to kidnap Tony Blair's son as a "publicity stunt". However, the de-activation of F4J doesn't mean that similar groups in other countries are giving in. In a recent email to the Yahoo! Group dadsinfamilycourt, U.S. group coordinator  John Fowler proclaimed that "2006 will be the year F4J becomes a household name in the United States". In other words, expect lots of spottings of Spiderman and Robin on top of the Washington monument in months to come. Will this do anything to improve enforcement of visitation orders? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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