Licorice to induce labor

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black licoriceRaspberry leaf tea, castor oil, and (everyone's favorite) nipple stimulation are all ways that some midwives or nurses recommend to stimulate labor without the help of major pharmaceuticals. But licorice?

Nick Vagnoni from Slashfood saw an article on the use of black licorice to bring little baby Jacob Flayer into the world more quickly (he came much faster than his big brother Joey). It was suggested by an Ohio pharmacist who said it had worked for several other couples, according to dad. Always the researcher, Nick found that glycyrrhizin, the main chemical ingredient of licorice root, has been associated with preterm delivery.

I'm not suggesting it. But I have to admit I might try it, were I in week 39 of a low-risk pregnancy and were I feeling grumpy about still being pregnant. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. I don't even like black licorice.

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