New Jersey lesbian couple demands both be listed as birth parents

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New Jersey - Monmouth CountyBack in July, Stefania Butler reported on the conflict in Massachusetts over how to change birth certificates to acknowledge same-sex parents. The battle has apparently spread to Monmouth County in New Jersey, where Catherine M. O'Conor and Stephanie A. DiVita have petitioned a judge asking that they both be listed as parents once their child is born. Judge Ronald Reisner temorarily dodged the bullet by dismissing the case on the grounds that the child hasn't been born. But the couple has vowed to re-file after the birth.

One judge in New Jersey has approved a similar request, but others have denied it. The New Jersey attorney general insists that existing laws covering artificial insemination don't extend to same-sex couple, and that the legislature must change the law if it wishes to allow it. Aaah, it's always nice to see political buck-passing get in the way of granting people their rights. (Um, not.)

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