Night doulas -- help or hinderance?

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doulaDoulas. It depends on your paradigm whether or not you welcome the presence of a hired birth assistant at your baby's debut. My wife and I found our doula indispensable -- a professional birth companion to gently guide us through unknown territory with strength and surety.

Night doulas seem a different story to me, though. Trust me, if anyone could have used a night doula, you are looking at the model family; wife with severe mastitis (we are talking 103 degree fever and bedrest) off and on for the first six weeks of Owen's life, Owen with his bellyaches; and did I mention a 36-hour natural labor? We were all more than tired could describe, but never once did we consider turning over the care of Owen to hired help. It may have been difficult, but in the end we learned more about Owen each moment we spent with him and it made it all the easier to meet his needs as we grew together as a family.

Mothering Magazine agrees, as the article by Vicky York purports that the mother needs to be the caregiver for the sake of establishing her milk supply and her confidence.

We love Margaret Wise Brown (especially The Big Red Barn), but I just can't help thinking of the "creepy" old lady who was whispering hush, as we call the night nurse in 'Goodnight Moon'.

Has anyone used a night doula, and if so, what are your experiences?

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