Barbie sales weak, Mattel reports

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Last month, I brought to your attention a story about girls attacking their Barbie dolls.  Well, much to Mattel Inc.'s dismay, girls are showing their disapproval of Barbie in more economic ways:  they're just not buying them. 

According to an Associated Press report (as presented by, yesterday Mattel, the world's biggest toy manufacturer, announced that its fourth-quarter profit fell 2%, in part due to a slump in sales of Barbie and HotWheels brands.   Apparently, sales for Barbie fell 11% worldwide.

Personally, I'm in the anti-Barbie camp, as I think it sets the wrong expectations of body image for girls at a very young age.  But hey, Mattel?  Feed Barbie a sandwich or two, and give her some science-oriented jobs (like, say, Engineer Barbie, or Astrophysicist Barbie, maybe?), and I'll happily help your sales figures.

I'm just sayin'.

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