Groovy Girls: cute, durable - and doomed?!

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Groovy GirlsI was reading Karen Walrond's latest post about Barbie sales being off, and was pleased to see a comment by Mary suggesting that parents ditch the Barbies in favor of Groovy Girls. I have to say, I second that emotion. We have an ass-ton of Groovy Girls at our house, and the kids love them. As Mary noted, they're plush and neatly dressed, but don't contain the ridiculously disproportionate curves of Mattel's mainstay. Another benefit? Since they're not composed of detachable parts like Barbies, they're extremely durable. At this point, nearly every Barbie we own looks like a survivor of Hiroshima; there are hardly any left not missing at least once body part. (And we have a few that look like they could star in a remake of Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun.) Not one of the Girls, however, has come undone in the 6 years we've been buying them.

Sadly, this post may be coming too late: It looks like all of the Groovy Girls for sale at Imaginarium Online are out of stock. Is this just a temporary glitch - or is it the swan song for America's favorite alterna-doll? I've sent email to the manufacturer, Manhattan Toy Company, to try and get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, if you can't find them in stock elsewhere, you can always pick up plenty of Groovy Girls stuff on eBay.

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