How Mamaloo scored some blue Dora socks

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kieran with his dora socksWhat lengths we parents will go to in order to score clothes that proudly display licensed cartoon characters. Especially, Dora. I've begged and pleaded with Viacom to provide some Dora clothing and gear for boys, and have largely been unanswered.

Mamaloo's in my same boat - she has a boy who loves Dora, but all the clothes she's been able to find have been pink and too frilly to be purchased under our current societal norms. Until the case of the socks. She and her sister both received two-packs of character socks for their children for Christmas. Mamaloo got Blues Clues, and her sister got Dora. Only... one of the pairs of Dora socks was blue! Well, mostly blue, with some pink writing, but whatever. Mamaloo saw her chance and pounced on the confused sister, trading one of her pairs of Blues Clues for the coveted blue Dora socks. And Keiran? He couldn't be happier.

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