Blogging Baby "Sleepover" Thursday, February 2 [Daddyblogger Edition]

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Okay dads, you have to help me think of something better to call my new assignment: pointing folks towards daddy bloggers for the "sleepover" on Thursday nights. And while "sleepover" is perfectly appropriate for mommy bloggers (and not just because it evokes such possibilities as a pillowfight between morphing into mama, bitemycookie, and mama c-ta), I just don't really want to picture Laid-Off Dad painting Mr. Nice Guy's toenails (as pretty as they are). So what is the "boy" equivalent of a sleepover? In junior high my friends would beat the crap out of each other on a Saturday night and then play video games. But there's not really a word for that. So I'm taking suggestions.

So given that this is the week before the Superbowl (I know this because the secretary at my office who wears Steelers jerseys to work DURING THE SUMMER has been talking crazy sh*t about the office Superbowl pool; I lack all knowledge of sports, though I did go to high school with Derek Jeter), I will leave it up to my fellow daddy bloggers to pick up the slack and discuss some football.

Metrodad is getting ready for the big game by ruminating on chicken wings. Over at Dadcentric, Mr. Big Dubya starts the ball rolling on what will probably be a whole weekend's worth of daddyblogger Superbowl coverage. Daddydaze sends his readers towards a halftime show that I can promise you will be far more entertaining that watching a troupe of geriatric rock stars play it safe. Let's just say it involves puppies. And to bring things full circle, here's Matthew's post from Childsplayx2 about watching football with his infant son, back when he thought the San Diego Chargers still had a chance.


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