Faustian opera broadcast angers elementary school parents

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FaustDid an elementary school teacher encourage his students to strike bargains with the Prince of Darkness? That was some parents in Bennett, Colorado think about  Tresa Waggoner, who showed an opera video containing scenes of a production of Faust to first-, second-, and third-graders. Some parents were appalled that their kids were exposed to the classic story about a man who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for worldly gain.  Waggoner hasn't been fired, but says she doesn't expect to stay in the "conservative" community for very long.

Truth be told, I can see the parents' point. Faust is a rather gritty tale for the likes of elementary school students. For high school students, however, knowledge of the story should be required. It's a classic Western legend of sin and redemption - not a glorification of Satan, as some of these parents seem to believe.

If anything, Tresa Waggoner should be penalized, not for Satanism, but for trying to coerce young children into enjoying opera. What the hell is that about

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