Valentine's Day Gift: 10 things I love about you, and a Superhero necklace

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I was recently copied on an e-mail from the lovely Andrea, who writes the Superhero Journal, describing her favourite gift:

"One of my favorite gifts for any occasion has always been '10 Things I Love About You.'  This is the one where you write down 10 things you most love about your friend, sweetheart, mom, teacher, etc. and present it to them in a pretty package."

I love that idea -- What mom or daughter wouldn't love to receive that sort of Valentine? 

If, however, you'd rather purchase something for the special woman/girl in your life, consider one of Andrea's Superhero necklaces.  These beautiful necklaces, each one handmade by Andrea herself, come in an array of colour schemes.  And the best part? 

They come with special powers.  According to Andrea:   "They will protect you from harm, attract people to you and create magic in your life."

All that for US$64-74.  Be sure to place your Valentine's Day orders by February 5th.

And, by the way, I can personally attest to the fact that Andrea ships internationally.


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