35 percent of American parents are video gamers, says survey

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Spider-ManThanks to our peeps at Joystiq for this news about the video game habits of American parents. It seems the digital distractions aren't just for kids anymore: 35 percent of parents partake of the hobby, according to a study commissioned by the Entertainment Software Association. (And given that these folks live or die by how well they market their product, I'm inclined to believe they did everything in their power to get the numbers right.) The numbers not only cut evenly across political boundaries, but across gender as well: 47 percent of gamer parents are moms. [Story edited to remove stupid and sexist comment I made earlier.]

One heartening figure from the survey: 85 percent of parents, whether gamers or not, said it is their responsibility to monitor the games their kids play, and not the government's. Only 37 percent of parents polled believe the government should regulate the games that kids can buy.

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