Blogging Baby Sleepover, Friday, February 3, 2006

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This week, I stumbled across some especially delightful new (to me) blogs. May I present:

In the style of Sweet Juniper, Charlie and Nina is a blog written by both parents about their adventures parenting their newborn son, Caius. In a recent entry Nina contemplates past generations of husbands who were expected not to help so much with the kids. Despite the fact that her husband parents equally with her, Nina still feels "a nagging sense of guilt. For not being the model, superwoman housewife/mother that some women are or want to be or expect others to be."

Next up: And I Wasted All That Birth Control. This mama claims that even though she's pregnant, no one will be seeing naked belly shots of her gracing her blog. Why? " Belly shots are for skinny people." But she promises a fully-clothed shot later in her pregnancy. (Yay!) One of the more touching, sweet, honest, and hilarious blogs I've read lately.

Little Rushaad just celebrated his first birthday and his mom tells all about it on MistryFamily. Seems like a great time was had by all. Love first birthday parties!

Over at Sweet Chaos In The Haight, the blogger writes about balancing work and family. Her tiredness is palpable, poor mama. She's burnt out, and I feel her pain. I think any working parent will, too.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

[photo courtesy: Charlie and Nina]


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