Breastfeeding mom too sexy for Victoria's Secret

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Oh Meredith, you rarely let me down when I'm looking for a story idea. You know how much I love breastfeeding stories. It must be my residual guilt at not breastfeeding forcing me to find ways to make it as easy as possible for women to feed their babies in public while breastfeeding.

You would think a store which glorifies the power of breasts like Victoria's Secret does, would of all places, encourage women to use their breasts in their most naturally powerful form. You know, lactating?

But apparently not. Lori Rueger of South Carolina testified before her state legislature that she was encouraged to stop breastfeeding her 10-week-old daughter in the dressing room of a Victoria's Secret store.

A spokesman for Limited Brands says it is Victoria's Secret stores have a, "long-standing policy to allow nursing in our stores. We are still for and about women."

I'd love to see the revised employee handbook at Victoria's Secret stores encouraging employees to allow breasts to be sexual and also utilitarian.

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