Wear your favorite NFL team's colors... unless you're a girl

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roethlisberger jerseyCome Super Bowl time tomorrow, everyone will be wearing the colors of their favorite NFL team, and roughly half the nation will be sporting #7 in honor of the Steelers' standout Ben Roethlisberger. Black and gold all the way baby!

Unless, that is, you're a girl. In which case, you'll be, confusingly, wearing pink? And white? Just who are you supporting by wearing a pink Roethlisberger jersey? Is it the Steelers? Or the abhorrent societal construct that says, you can be a football fan, sweetie, but only if you're wearing pink?

Via Eden, who is "interested to hear what BB editors and readers think of separate but semi-equal treatment when it comes to kids official NFL gear." It makes me all uncomfortable and shivery under my Seahawks jersey. How 'bout you?

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