Super Bowl with kids: do you 'teach' your children to love your team?

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everett learning to be silly AND love the seahawksThis morning while I was getting Everett dressed for church we had a talk. "We're going to watch the Super Bowl later today," I explained. "Do you think the Super Bowl is baseball or football?"

"Baseball!" said Everett, happily.

"No, silly, it's football!" I said, kissing him for his cute ignorance. "Who do we want to win, the Steelers or the Seahawks?"

He looked at me, curious and happy. "The Steelers!" he exclaimed.

I looked over my shoulder to make sure my husband, who's been a Seahawks fan slightly longer than I (he was born five months earlier), hadn't heard.

I whispered. "We like the Seahawks," I explained, and told him to go tell daddy who he wanted to win the Super Bowl.

"Daddy, we want the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl!" he parrotted dutifully.

Daddy gave him all the reinforcement a kid needs, and suddenly I felt a bit guilty. Even though Everett's not really old enough to evaluate his options, to compare and contrast coaching philosophies, the relative skills of the teams' quarterbacks, and which mascot is cooler (the Seahawks so totally win!), it's kind of unfair to force an allegiance on him.

Or is it? Aren't most team allegiances simply a matter of geography, or the allegiances of those you love? I mean, if your boyfriend grew up in Pittsburgh, you'd love the Steelers, even if you were sure that Matt Hasselbeck's passing arm is way better than Ben Roethlisberger's. So if your parents are both Seahawks fans pretty much from birth, is it wrong to love the boys in blue for no other reason than that?

Or am I just reading way too much into what's just a game?

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