Those Super Bowl ads: way more family-friendly this year, no?

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toyota hybrid advertisemtn indicative
of family-friendliness?I'm watching the Super Bowl (in between blogging, eating, breastfeeding, and keeping Truman's hands away from the Kleenex box) and it seems as if, despite the plethora of Budweiser ads and the over-the-top sexiness of Jessica Simpson's Pizza Hut spots, many of the ads seem to be deliberately family-friendly.

Over at AdJab, our Weblogs, Inc. buddies are liveblogging the Super Bowl from an advertising perspective. They're talking about whether Toyota's hybrid ad was making a social statement with its bilingual father-son duo, or just doing a play on the word "hybrid"; whether or not the trailer for Pixar's Cars sounds like fun or just... strange; and just how pretty was GMC's 2007 Yukon ad? They've missed a couple of ads I found particularly kid-friendly, like the Kaiser Permanente ad with the apples in the vending machine, and one really pretty spot with a montage of children and families - but I can't remember what it was for. What do you think: are you letting your kids watch the ads, and do they like them?

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