Please give me storage solutions, before I go completely insane

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The picture to the right is a corner of my daughter's bedroom which will, in no uncertain terms, send me over the edge.   For the life of me, I can't keep this corner straight, and it makes me nuts every time I walk into her room.  Couple this with the fact that I recently read a (dubious) feng shui article stating that the reason my daughter won't spend the entire night asleep in her own room may be due to excess clutter, and I'm officially truly at my wit's end.

The thing is, she already has a toy chest full of toys.  Additionally, I gave a substantial amount of her toys away right before Christmas (yes, that's right, this is what's left).  The time has come for me to find a way to get rid of this clutter.

Do you have any creative storage solutions for kids?  I'd like something that is (a) easy to maintain, and (b) easy for Alex to get her toys in and out of (she's almost 2).   Any ideas?

Because if I don't come up with something, and soon, I'm taking everything in this corner and selling it on eBay.  See if I don't.

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