Whirlwind grandma visit: spoiled rotten

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I love it when my mom comes to town. She spoils us rotten. We don't see her very often, so when we do, we try to make the most of our time together. My mom is the typical Auntie Mame. She loves to travel, shop, and eat. She lets my three-year-old try on her jewelry and put on her make up. She taught my toddler to dance hula.

My mom lives in a different world than we do, and not just because she lives in Hawaii. When we were younger, she was my Brownie troop leader and instead of doing the typical Brownie things like horseback riding and hiking, we put on dance shows or learned how to make pasta by hand. I remember once she took us all to the grocery store under the guise of learning about how a supermarket works, but really, I think she was doing our weekly shopping.

She is nuts, but in a good way. She can't wait until the girls are old enough to spend summers with her in Honolulu. (And, neither can I, to tell you the truth.) Sometimes I wonder all her spoiling will turn my girls into brats who whine at us to buy them all the same things, but as my mom tells it, that's what grandmas are for. (Good, let them whine to her!) She leaves today and because of her generosity, my girls have new spring clothes, and our fridge and pantry are chock-full. Dishes are washed. Clothes are folded. I try to keep it all in balance since it makes her happy to do it. How about you? Do you have parents who spoil your kids rotten? And how do you feel about it?

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