An easy way to remove children's splinters

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In my town the city has a mandate that the parks can't have sand. Something about cats leaving special treats for the kiddies. Instead of sand the play surfaces are tan bark. Wood chips. That like to make their way under my son's skin. Every time we come home from the park we conduct a splinter check - and it's such a treat when I don't have to get out the tweezers and pinch his tiny fingers to squeeze the tiniest piece of wood out.  Have you ever tried to remove a sliver from a squirming 4-year-old boy? Not the most pleasant experience.

The latest issue of Parenting had a sliver removal tip that nearly made me cry it was so simple. If your child has a sliver that's peeking out of his or her skin, and the area around it isn't swollen and red, try this:

-wash the area with soap and water.
-apply a tiny bit of non-toxic white glue over the part of the splinter that's sticking out out and let the glue dry
-peel off the dried glue and the splinter should slide out with it
-put a little dab of Neosporin or another antibiotic ointment on the area and cover it with a band aid.

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