The 'pumping project' shares working mama stories and photos

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room from flickrWow, you guys are all about the breastfeeding and pumping, aren't you? I wrote about an experience pumping during a coaching clinic in a small-town high school, and was pleased to see that a group of moms has started a flickr pool on pumping at work. It is, all at once, beautiful and earnest and so quietly activist.

They're calling it The Pumping Project, and you can stop by the web site to lend your comments, or join the pool and add your pictures. I particularly liked this photo of the pumping room at Leapfrog; and this poignant pumping collage (love the pink striped sweater!). I can't wait to bring my camera next time I pump on the road - this issue can use more public support and there's nothing like saying it with pictures.

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