Baby Shower Quilt Kits from Wizard Quilts

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I'm so not a fan of games at baby showers --- a bunch of grown women trying to feed each other pudding blindfolded, or some other such silliness is not my idea of fun.  Let's just have cake and open gifts -- that's all I need for a good time.  Why cloud the issue with activities?

Of course, when Katrina contacted us via our Tipline to introduce us to her new line of Baby Shower Quilts, I had to rethink my stance.  These innovative kits allow baby shower guests to create a quilt -- without having to sew -- around a special theme, so that it works with the nursery decor.  Each kit contains nine blank fabric squares, felt, glue, fabric paints, scissors and black fabric markers -- everything necessary for each guest to make a square to be securely glued onto the ready-made quilt.  Guests can even bring their own fabric swatches, so that each square has a personal touch. 

The quilts aren't made to be used as bedding -- but they come with rod pockets for hanging on the nursery wall. 

Each quilt kit is US$84.95 -- not that expensive for a hand-made quilt, and besides -- you could ask guests to contribute toward the cost, in lieu of bringing a shower gift.  For international shipping charges please contact them directly at .

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